Griffin McConnell has a severe form of epilepsy. Due to the time spent away from work for doctor’s appointments, his dad Kevin lost his job. Griffin’s mom Kori is at his side 24/7, as he needs constant care, so she is unable to work. Their unpaid bills mounted up to the point the McConnells nearly lost their home.


Kori said, “We would have lost our home if not for the help of Caruso Family Charities. The charity gave us the assistance we needed to get our mortgage payments caught up and also with our everyday living expenses.”


Kevin found a job, but at a lower salary, so the family income was greatly diminished and their emotional and financial difficulties continue. In one month, Griffin suffered over 27 seizures. He takes 20 medications to control the seizures. In 2012, he had surgery to remove part of his brain. This stopped the seizures for 6 days. A hemispherectomy is scheduled for this coming May to remove the affected side of his brain. It is his only chance of survival. After this surgery, Griffin will be confined to a wheelchair and will have to relearn how to walk and talk. Thanks to the money raised at the Gala, Caruso Family Charities will be providing much more financial assistance to the McConnell family as they bravely face Griffin’s next chapter in his battle for life.



Pictured: Kevin McConnell, his wife Kori, and their children; Griffin – 8, Sullivan – 6 and Moira, 2



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