Create a Campaign

Now you can create your own fundraising campaign right here on our website! Be creative and you may become our featured campaign.

No idea is too big or too small. Be inventive. Some people have hosted events, such as golf tournaments, bocce ball games, fashion shows and dinners. Others have dedicated existing events like school dances or even birthdays.

  1.  Click the + CREATE A CAMPAIGN button at the top to start and register.
  2. Add a title, description and upload a featured image. Campaigns with a photo are more likely to succeed.
  3. Set a fundraising goal and timeline to track your progress. Click Submit. Your campaign will appear on our site in a couple of days.
  4. Share the link with your friends and family on Facebook, email and other social media to help meet your goal. Plus we want them to know about our incredible mission too.

Here are some recent campaigns to give you some ideas for your own:

Barb’s Birthday

Barb Raised $1,655

Barbara Goodman dedicated her birthday to raise money for Caruso Family Charities, so instead of flowers, gifts and cards, her friends and family helped her raise $1,655 for Caruso Family Charities. Now that’s a birthday wish that goes a long way.